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Around the Neighborhood

A quest for fun, history, and mystery in your local Oregon neighborhoods

West Linn  •  Oregon City  •  Lake Oswego  •   Portland  •  Hood to Coast  •  Special Series

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West Linn

Explore some of West Linn's mysteries, including the story about the "Visitor From The Sky".

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Mount Hood

Just outside of Portland is Mount Hood, where you can enjoy activities all year round.

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Lake Oswego

How many unknown stories are to be uncovered in and around the lake?  Click to watch now.

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Talk about stories?  Portland has a vast number of mysterious and curious stories to uncover.

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Oregon City

The original capital has many fascinating stories, including a haunted house.  Take a peek.

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Oregon Coast

Just a short drive from Portland, take a breathtaking journey to the Oregon Coast.

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Special Series

Christmas in Paris

Enjoy this special series across the pond to Paris, France during Christmas

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Special College Tour Series

Join Scott as he tags along with his daughter while they tour colleges.

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Disneyland (Special Series)

It doesn't get better than taking a stroll around all things Disneyland.

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